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Official announcements related to WeatherSnoop including new releases and features.
 #3456  by nwikner
 Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:58 am
I make multiple uses of my connections from Indigo to WeatherSnoop. Outside lights turn off when Solar Radiation > 0. Multiple inside lights turn off when Solar Radiation > 350 w/m^2. Most importantly I track cumulative rainfall and evapotranspiration to calculate when next to water my lawn.

This morning I noticed that my street light was still on, even though it was after sunrise. I connected to Indigo, which indicated that the WeatherSnoop plugin had stopped. I connected to the (headless) Mac Mini on which I run WeatherSnoop (and Security Spy), and noticed there was an announcement of an upgrade (to 3.2.2). When I installed the upgrade, and then told Indigo to reload the WeatherSnoop plugin, it reconnected.

I believe this has happened with the 2 previous upgrades as well, one of which occurred while I was traveling out-of-town for 2 weeks, so was unable to fix. I try to monitor the health of WeatherSnoop in Indigo. I get emails when it stops and starts working, but I don't monitor my emails that often (a review shows that WeatherSnoop stopped working yesterday, 4/15 at 10:55 AM MST). Also I have program logic that tries to work-around the absence of WeatherSnoop data, but those routines are hard to debug as well (my street light should have turned off anyway; I'll have to look into that).

This is hard for me to test, since I can't control the upgrade announcements, but it seems that coincident with the appearance of the upgrade dialog, the connection from Indigo to WeatherSnoop breaks. By the way, I run Indigo and WeatherSnoop on different machines. Could you look into this? I'll post this on the Indigo forum as well, to see if anyone else has this problem.
 #3458  by boisy
 Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:09 am

You are probably correct. We've seen an incidence where the update dialog comes up and blocks communication in WeatherSnoop 3.

I suggest you go to WS3's Preference pane, select the "Updates" toolbar icon, and UNCHECK "Automatically check for updates." This will stop that dialog box from appearing and the problem should be no more.